Best Betting Sites NZ 2024

As a new year starts, gamblers worldwide are looking for the best betting sites NZ to make their bets and have fun. So through this article, you`ll discover the best bookmakers out there. Our role is to guide every reader to the finest platforms with a great chance to make some money. It doesn’t matter what type of gambling you are into; reading this guide, you`ll learn where you can get your fix.

Everyone knows Kiwis love their sports, so sports betting is big business in the country. People often ask are these establishments safe; we say absolutely. It is all about finding the right site that is trustworthy and reliable. We aim to deliver this to every reader. We have reviewed so many gambling establishments and sports betting sites that we know what we are talking about.

So let’s get on with the rest of this article trying to illuminate the gambling world for all those new to the industry. We will break down many different aspects of the business, so you have a better understanding of what to look for in an online casino.

Yes, gambling in many forms and sports is perfectly legal in New Zealand. The most common gambling licenses used in betting NZ platforms are as follows.

These are very common legal licenses, and they make sure everything is above board for Kiwis at various sports betting NZ establishments.

What Are The Aspects of a Safe Gambling Website?

When you visit a website to gamble, there are some things you need to be aware of. In most cases, clients will be safe, but it makes sense to use your common sense whenever you are gambling online at sports betting websites. We have created a list of some security measures that can definitely assist in keeping gamblers safe while online.

With all these safety features out there for gamblers, there is no reason to spend time at an unsafe establishment. All of the above will create a better gambling experience for kiwis.

Guide on Betting Online In NZ 2024


If you are interested in earning some money, we need to give you some sports betting tips. Wagering on sports is a favorite pastime for many Kiwis. So we have made this list below, which should assist gamblers.

  1. The first thing is to find a site that has good reviews. This way, you will not waste your time on a platform that is no good or unsafe.
  2. Make sure you register your details and open an account. For most sites, this will take a short time, and once complete; you take any bonus offers available.
  3. The next step is to make sure you research the sport you will be placing a bet on. You never want to be underprepared, so do your homework and have your sports betting strategy ready.
  4. Check the odds of the event you will be wagering on so you know how much you can win. There are many reviews to get information on odds on certain events.
  5. Make sure you stick to your budget. This is probably one of the most important things to remember. The idea of such sites is to take punter’s money, so have a number in mind and not go over it.

These simple tips will stand every gambler in good stead when gambling on live sports. It is always essential to have a strategy, so you are ready for everything the platform will throw at you.

What are the Best Online Betting Bonus Offers?

With so many sites offering good deals out there, you may find it confusing. Betting offers are a brilliant way to get something for nothing. So we have researched some brilliant deals, and the results are in the table below.

Betting Site Bonuses
BetVictor £40 in free bets
888 Sport Up to $200 match bonus after deposit
Betway £10 in free bets when you bet £25 on accumulators, trebles and bet builders.
Mr Play Sport Deposit $100 and get $100 in free bets
Royal Panda 50% matched free bet up to NZ $50

When picking a platform to enjoy, remember that deals like these are worth taking advantage of. These are all trusted websites that users can trust.

Top 5 Sports To Wager On In New Zealand


As sports is such a massive part of life in New Zealand, there are many events that Kiwis love. It is common for Kiwis to spend their Saturday afternoons sitting in front of their TV watching the live weekend sport. The sports that are most popular in betting sites NZ are listed below.

Football Betting Leagues

Not just famous in NZ, but the most-watched sport on earth is football. Kiwis certainly love watching and placing their wagers in different football leagues. The most popular is, of course, the Premier League which is played in the UK. Gamblers love betting in NZ on the various football leagues. The list below features some of the most popular leagues to bet on by Kiwis.

These are top leagues around the globe and watched by millions every week. These are all amazing sports events to watch and place bets on.

Horse Racing Betting

Another popular pastime for Kiwis is horse racing. There are probably more bets placed on this sporting event than any other in New Zealand. What makes this such an entertaining sport to bet on are the various bets available. This sport is with billions of dollars in sports betting New Zealand. The most important horse race in NZ is on the first Saturday of March called the New Zealand Derby. There is the opportunity to win massive amounts in this race as millions of dollars are gambled every year in sportsbooks.

NFL Betting Online

This sport is loved by Americans but is also very popular in NZ. Some top-rated American football teams, such as the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants. The sports betting lines for such an event are essential and dictate how many gamblers can win.

The list above features some leagues in American football. Gamblers can win big money by wagering on the winning team.

UFC Odds and Wins

MMA, which stands for Mixed Martial Arts, is a hugely popular pastime around the globe. Gamblers can place bets on who they believe will win a contest between two fighters. The sports betting odds of each fighter tells you who the bookie believes will win. By betting against the favorite and winning, you can load your pockets with cash. It is possible to bet on which round the fight will end, which fighter will win, and how he will win.

NBA Betting Online

Another trendy sport in America and New Zealand. The National Basketball Association consists of 30 teams competing to be the best every year. By placing your wager on who you believe will win the NBA playoffs, you can win big money. With sports betting online, clients can place bets from the comfort of their homes, making life super convenient.

Best Sports Betting Predictions and Strategies

If you are new to gambling, our experts are happy to share some tips and tricks on winning real money. Check a few practical strategies that will work for you in 2024:

Strategy Description
Manage your budget Make sure you know how much you can lose and stick to this figure.
Research By doing your homework on the sporting event you have a better win percentage.
Shop around for the best odds By having multiple accounts you can find the best odds for your bets.

These are elementary things to remember when placing your bets, yet they are very effective. Bettors will have increased chances of winning by implementing these strategies.

Live Betting: Pros of Betting in Real Time

There are many different ways to place bets when gambling in sports. One of the most popular is to bet in play. We have created a list of benefits when you do this.

Kiwis can use live in-play betting to make the correct sports betting picks while a game is happening. It is possible to bet on the end score even at halftime of the game. When betting on a live event, gamblers can change their minds as many times as they desire. So once the event is underway, gamblers can predict who will win or how many points or goals will be scored. All of this while the odds are constantly changing, making it even more thrilling to make picks.

Final Words on Betting in New Zealand

As we have seen through this article, sports are loved by the Kiwis. It is a massive business in NZ and is a favorite pastime by many people. With so many top-quality sports to bet on, there is never a shortage of options for gamblers. The bookies in New Zealand are always busy as it is a sports-crazy country. We hope the shared sports betting strategy will be used to your advantage when you use betting platforms in the future.


❓ What makes a good sports bettor?

Someone who has a strategy and sticks to it. Those that are more disciplined when they gamble are the ones who will get more wins.

❓ Will my data be secure on sites in NZ?

Yes, many betting sites NZ use the latest SSL technology, ensuring the safe collection of all private data. This scrambles all the information, so it is impossible to decode it.

❓ Can I win large amounts?

Of course, people can change their lives with big sports betting wins. By getting good tips and being brave, gamblers can make good money if they get lucky.

❓ Who do I contact if I have an issue?

You will find customer support on most betting NZ platforms, and they can be contacted via live chat or email. They are trained and always willing to assist clients around the clock.

❓ Can I get a bonus in NZ?

Yes, it is worth shopping around different establishments for the best possible offers. These can give clients a massive boost and help them win more cash.

❓ Can I make a wager through my portable device?

Yes, all the sites nowadays are mobile-friendly to make gambler’s lives more convenient. So all bets can be made through a mobile device.

❓ What sports can I bet on to give me the best chance of winning?

We can only say the most popular sports in NZ are rugby and football. So if you were to place wagers on these sports, you could get good sports betting odds; this would be our guide.